In the old days, when there was only Windows software, it was easy to edit templates. It still is, for the Windows products, but I don’t know how to do it, and indeed if it is even possible, for the Connect and Android products and I would like my data to be presented in a consistent way across all platforms.
So nowadays, to achieve the effects I want, I actually have to embed the formatting rules in the data itself. For example, in the Movie Plot field, I start each entry with “

”, which gives me the small fonts that I like, and syncs nicely through the products.
But now much better it would be if this functionality was built right into the database.
In Tools | Options | Data and Images | Download Settings, there is a list of fields with instructions about what to do with them when downloading.
It would be great if a similar list could be created, in each platform, for template customisation. For certain fields you could provide a dropdown list which shows specific formatting available for that field. You could also include a “hide this field” selection, so that the field and its caption is always hidden.
This kind of solution would go a long way to providing a template editor, which a few people have requested, and would be an easy way of getting rid of unwanted fields without having to delete the data.