The Abominable Charles Christopher

Title: The Abominable Charles Christopher
Issue: 3
Variant: HC
Barcode: NA
Description: Deluxe Hardcover Edition
Cover Artist: Karl Kerschl
Publisher: Abominable Books
Release Date: Nov 2021
Country: Canada

Hi CLZ Team,
I just wanted to follow up on this one. I’m not sure if it was missed or you didn’t think it was a comic series. It is a collection of Kar Kerschl’s web comics these are the HC version. I got them through his kicksarter.

Hi there, apologies for missing this one. It has been added to Core

Hi @CLZ_Justin,
Thank you for adding it in, you have made an error though. The issue should be 3 and the Variant should be HC not ‘HC-3’.
They are different books, not variant covers of the same book. As per my original listing.