The CD re-issue we still want

For me it has to be the Dave Clark Five’s UK albums*, preferably in their original mono mixes plus as bonus tracks in proper stereo re-mixes. There are bootlegs around of course.

  • that’s ‘Session with the Dave Clark Five’ (64), ‘Catch us if you can’ (65) & Everybody Knows (69)

Any others by other artists anyone?

I don’t have any long-lost favorites at the moment (although there are probably ten or so I’ve forgotten - damned old age!).

However, as a general comment to this thought, in the last few years I’ve started doing something that’s gotten me some musical prizes: Discogs’ marketplace.

I have the setup and knowledge to transfer music from vinyl LPs to files, normalize and clean them up, then copy to my server for playing anywhere, anytime (call that Nirvana for one who once listened to 10" 3-minute shellac discs in early life).

So, sometimes, when the music you want isn’t to be found from the usual sources, there’s Discogs’ marketplace, where you can find some really old and obscure LPs and CDs - if you don’t mind sending money to some exotic locations, at times.

Right now I’m waiting on delivery of two LPs featuring the great Mexican guitarist, Antonio Bribiesca. That will be a fun day of making good things happen.

Edit: Here’s one of your DC5 wanted LP items from Discogs Market:

Thanks TinPanFan - it’s not that I don’t have the tracks both on original vinyl and on various bootlegs from which I have been able to create my own CDs, but this is perhaps the only major (?) UK sixties artist for there has never been a proper CD re-issue programme. From what I’ve read the stumbling block is Dave Clark himself.

If my reading skills were better I’d probably have noticed that you titled the thread “CD re-issue …”

Have to work on that.