The “Have” section isn’t showing all my comics

I have noticed that the top of each series isn’t showing all the issues on my collection. I don’t know if there’s a way to trigger a rebuild or a refresh of it.

Can you show me a screenshot of an issue you have, and a screenshot of your Have summary?

Hmmm. It’ll only let me post one picture. Let me try to do it in two different replies.

But you can actually see there there’s issues in my collection that aren’t showing in the Have section.

That is a bit awkward.

Could it be you have a duplicate Detective Comics, Vol. 1 folder?

Can you open your Manage Pick Lists, menu top left, then go to Series, and search for “Detective” - and show me the results?

That was it!! There were 2 vol 1s so I merged those two together and it looks much better now! Thank you so much! Learned something new on how the app works.

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Good to hear that solved it!

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Thank you so much for pointing me in the right direction and getting that solved! I was actually at a convention here when I noticed it so it was making it challenging.