The open CD Drawer switch

During ADD a CD, there is a button for opening the CD Player Drawer. It would be great if it was made to toggle so that the drawer could be closed using the same button. My PC is under the desk in its own shelf and, though it is in easy reach to load/unload a CD, the button on the CD player is hard to locate because everything is dark. Therefore, it would be much easier for me to operate via the mouse/graphic interface.

Ashampoo have an otherwise excellent burner program with the same problem and I have repeatedly asked them to improve their load button. I know it is possible because i-player and Roxio have a toggle button.

Could you please consider this for a future update?

Wow, that is a blast from the past… Ashampoo… are they still around?

Yes Alwin, they supply some brilliant software and are selling for Softmaker and Cyberlink which includes Corel.
any answer to my question?

I thought most CD drawers can just be pushed close?