The Unrecognized barcodes feature

Today I noticed a small problem when it comes to add a movie with an unrecognized barcode. The title search function doesn’t seem to recognize alternative titles.

In my specific case it was barcode 7333018028203, I could not find and add it with the Swedish edition title “Tillsammans 99” but i found it with the International title “Together 99” and added it. I have also reported a change of the title in the Core Errors subforum.

I just tested this on my iPhone here, and I also checked our Core database. It seems the entry for Together 99 was updated on February 6th of this year.

The alternative title Tillsammans 99 was already in there.

If I “fake” an unrecognized barcode on my iPhone, and then search for Tilsammans 99 (perform the full search) - I do get the right result I can match to my (fake) unrecognized barcode.

Am I missing something here?

Here’s a screenshot of what I see:

I tried a fake barcode myself now and I can see what went wrong. It was my own stupid mistake, i didn’t hit the searchbutton :laughing: it works as it should.

Sorry for wasting your time.

AHA! I shall take note of my wasted time and deduct it from your license.

I’m kidding, good to hear you found it now :smiley: