There was a problem syncing with CLZ cloud. Please contact support

Just like the title says, suddenly started getting this on all devices. Tried logging out and back in but doesn’t help. If I log in on the web I can see my collection, just can’t sync from any device.

I am sorry to hear you are having problems syncing with the CLZ Cloud.

It looks like you have been trying to sync while our server was having problems. This has caused a small discrepancy in the CLZ Cloud bookkeeping.

I have fixed this for you now. You should now be able to sync again.

Can you please let me know if that worked or not?

It worked until today and then the same error now.

Fixed again for you.

I appreciate the assistance but now it’s happening again…

I’m a new Cloud customer…Is this the normal customer experience? Am I going to need to come here every week and request this to be fixed? Or is there something I can do to prevent this from happening?

Fixed it for you again.

No definitely not. I mean, do you see other users here requesting the reset every week?

This happens when you try to sync while our server is slow, sometimes caused by some daily scripts that are running on our server early every morning (EU time).

I suspect that you just happen to sync at the same time every day, causing a higher chance for you to run into this problem.
Could that be the case?

Our daily maintenance scripts run between 5AM and 8AM Amsterdam time.

@Padriac still waiting for your feedback on this.

I appreciate the response.

5am to 8am Amsterdam = 8-11pm my local time. I’m not sure I sync at this time every time, but it would be very likely I open the app during those times (and thus sync something) at least once a week.

I get the server side stuff isn’t easy, but having 3 forbidden hours each day feels like it’s asking a bit much of the customer. Even if sync was simply prevented during that time it would be better than allowing the attempt to fail and then triggering the need to run here and request a reset (but I understand such a solution might not be easy on your side).

Okay, thank you. That is useful information and confirms what we suspected the problem to be.

I think there are multiple misunderstandings here.
First, we fully admit there is a problem here. This is a new issue that started appearing when we started running a database maintenance script each morning. At first, this did not seem to be a problem but the script got heavier later and we saw the sync errors being reporting from users.

This is definitely not a planned 3 hour window where syncing is forbidden. Also, this is not a widespread problem. We see maybe 5 users each week who have this problem, so the chances of runnning into the specific problem are quite low.

And we are already working on a solution, it is probably easy to fix, but we need to decide on which solution we are going to choose.

In any case our sync system “does not need a major rewrite”, we do not to “pivot to a more stable, off-the-shelf solution”. This is a good and stable system in itself. The only thing that is happening here is a performance problem caused by the maintenance script.


Quick question, do you have your app to Sync Automatically maybe?
That could increase the chances of running into this and may explain why you have this more often than other users.

BTW: we are working on a solution right now.

Auto sync is on, yes. Is this not a safe option to use?

This did happen to me again last night, at exactly 12:51am (PDT, California) in case that helps.

Sure, this is a completely safe option to use.
But it does mean that while adding and editing in the app, it is syncing each change instantly, so it is syncing way more often.
Which increase the chance of one of these small sync actions to run into our server running its big maintenance script.

For now, I recommend switching OFF the auto-syncing, and then just manually Sync once when you’re done adding and editing.

Yeah, that matches the time our server runs the script.

Okay, that confirms our suspicions, thanks!
We are working to improve the script itself to make it faster AND not blocking the sync for users.

Oh, and fixed your account again. Should be the last time now.

FYI: the problem has been resolved.
That is, for comics. We are now implementing the same fix for movies and games, where we have a similar maintenance script.

You should never run into the syncing problems again.
My apologies for these problems in the past few weeks and thanks for bringing it to our attention.

BTW: I am still interested in hearing your thoughts about our “ugly and clunky” interface: