Those who buy new releases. What type of buyer are you?

  • I pre-order with my LCS based on Diamond Previews / Lunar / PRH Catalogs
  • I Vvisit the LCS and see whats on the shelf
  • I look at this weeks releases and buy online if there’s some left
  • other - [comment below]
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A mix of the first two options. I like to let the shop know the range of titles I’ll be going after but also pick things up from the shelf when they catch my eye.

The problem with “waiting to see what’s on the rack” is that you only see the most popular comics… as long as they’re not TOO popular and get declared “hot” and immediately sell out.

I like lots of fringe comics outside of popular Marvel/DC superheroes. If i didn’t order them I’d most likely never see a good number of them. Plus I’d miss something like the recent Ultimate Spider-Man relaunch which was an immediate sellout due to speculators.

I have been using DCBS for almost a year now and i love it. Only down side is you have to order 2 months in advance. Upside is I can usually get which variants i want.

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I pre-order new comics monthly with an online service (Westfield Comics), since the closest LCS is a 4-hour round trip.

My shop puts out a list the Sunday before NCBD, and I pull from that. They must order pretty accurately because they almost always have what I want

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I try to pre-order with my LCS, but my purchases don’t change all that often. Also, the owner knows me well enough that he can predict—pretty accurately—what I might like that I didn’t pre-order.

I came a little late to the recent Ultimate Spider-Man party, but I was to get a copy from my LCS at cover price a couple weeks later.

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I pre-order through an online because up until now I haven’t had any LCS to order from. I’m debating about switching it up to help support the local market.