Ticks and crosses

I am a returning user. I haven’t used BC for some years. I still like it, although it seems a lot more complicated than it used to be… Anyway, in list view there is either a tick or a cross next to each of the books in my collection… what do they mean? Also, next to each tick/cross is a symbol, several different symbols in fact and I don’t know what they mean either. Grateful for any help.

The “tick” symbol is “collection status”.

The “tick” means “in collection”
The “x” means “not in collection”

Right click any book, then hit Edit Book, then look for the Collection Status field. As a testyou can change it.

The other symbol might be the “format” of the book. But I’m not sure as I’m not sure what you’re seeing exactly.

As for it being complicated: Book Collector hasn’t had big overhauls of the main screen in years (not sure how long ago you used it).
Would it perhaps be a good idea to consider moving to our web-app Book Connect? Book Connect is easier to use and easier to manage, while still giving you all features and customization options.
Also the Book Connect web-based software is what all our development and support is focused on.

If you switch to Book Connect with our Trade-In offer, we will trade-in your remaining Book Collector subscription days and will transfer them to the Connect edition, plus we will add 4 extra months for free.

Full details about the advantages of Book Connect, and our Trade-In Offer can be found here:

Let me know if you are interested or have any questions about switching to Connect.

Thanks, I managed to edit as you suggested. Yes, the symbols are the book format and I edited a few of those too. Btw, I like being able to manage the format list and to merge similarly described formats. I accept there have been no major overhauls of the Book Collector main screen for some time… clearly age has upped my ineptitude quotient!

Sounds like Book Connect might be the way to go… just a bit concerned about maybe losing the range of functionality that the desktop version offers…

As I already have the option to view my collection in the cloud, what are the additional benefits of Book Connect?
Would I lose the ability to upload and view my own cover pictures in their original size and resolution? And without the system cropping them? Would I still need to retain copies of those cover pictures on my PC?
How does Book Connect relate to the mobile version? Are they one and the same? Is it just two ways to access the same collection? (I only have one collection)

Sorry to sound a bit naive…

Cloud is just to “view” your collection.
Book Connect would be what you currently use Book Collector for. Adding, Editing, all that.

You can upload your own covers, yes. Front and Back. Pretty big ones too.
I’m not sure if you have like mega huge 100Mb images you’re using right now, because that would indeed not work.

No, those are stored on our servers then.

  • For use on your phone and tablet, there is our CLZ mobile app, available for iOS and Android.
    The CLZ mobile app has a built-in barcode scanner for adding items, a nice native app-like user interface and stores data locally, on your device, so you can also view and edit your data while offline.

  • For use on your computer, there is the Connect web-based software
    Connect is web-based, basically a website that you log into with your web-browser, with your data and images stored in our CLZ Cloud system. It is super easy to use and easy to manage. We handle everything for you, like software updates, daily backups, etc…
    And since Connect is just a website that you login to, you never have problems with firewalls, security software, etc…

Let me know if you have further questions,

So, is it an either/or thing? Would I use Book Connect OR the CLZ mobile app? Or can I upload book data captured with the mobile app to my Book Connect collection? Sorry, I am still not clear how these two relate to each other… if at all?

For cover images, how big is pretty big? Is there a max image size that can be uploaded successfully?

Can other users access my cover images? Either to view, or to use with their own collections?

Is there an option to allow other users to access my cover images and/or collection data?

  • You can use both together, that’s the beauty. You can sync through CLZ Cloud from your mobile app and all changes and adds will just be available in Book Connect.
    They will run in sync!

  • As for cover images, at some point we do some resizing yes, but how big are your images?

  • Other users can not access your cover art for use in their own database, no. That is your image.

  • You can indeed use “Cloud Sharing” from the menu on Book Connect to create a link to share your collection with friends so they can browse it (they can not not edit it).

Book Connect and CLZ Books mobile app are great together.

The “either or thing” is between Book Connect and Book Collector.
Those are two alternatives to each other, for use on your computer.
You would choose either one or the other.

If I migrate to Book Connect, is there an additional subscription due in order to use CLZ Books mobile app?

The CLZ Books mobile app is always a separate subscription, no matter if you are using Book Collector or Book Connect.