Title of collection in the header

Would it be possible, now that we’re creating multiple collections, to have the title of the collection that’s open show somewhere on the header? It would make it clearer which collection you were working on.

I think we have a better solution coming up: collection tabs at the bottom of the screen. This is already live for CLZ Comics and CLZ Movies. Coming to CLZ Books soon in version 9.0.

Here’s a screenshot of the collection tabs in the CLZ Movies:

Great, I haven’t started on collections with my movies yet, so I haven’t seen the tabs, but that’s perfect. Thanks

Sorry to butt in, but I am new to the system. How are you using the Collections capability?

Quoted from our recent Feature Hilite email about CLZ Movies. It talks about movies, but the idea is the same for books:

The Manage Collections option in the menu of the app lets you create multiple sub-sections in your database, called “collections”. Many users use this feature, for all kinds of purposes:

  • to keep separate collections for different people, e.g. your own and your kid’s collection.
  • to separate their movies from their TV Series
  • to keep track of movies they have for sale or have already sold
  • etc… etc… the possibilities are endless

Personally, I have separate collections for my HD-DVD and UMD movies, as I regard those as collectibles, not so much as movies I watch.

You are free to use collections for any sub-sets of your database, but keep in mind: collections are completely separate parts of your database! This means:

  • Totals and Statistics are per collection. There are no “overall” stats.
  • Searches are “within” the collection you are in. There is no “overall” search.
  • The same holds for folders and sorting, all happens “within” the current collection.

As soon as you feel the need for totals or searches across all collections, that is a good sign you would be better off using ONE collection, then maybe use Tags to separate the sub-sections.

That said, feel free to experiment. It is very easy to move movies from your main collection to other collections. It is just as easy to move them back. To move movies between collections, just select them (tap and hold), then use “Move to Other Collection” from the Action button menu.