Title Sorting

As you can see in the print I took from my collection, my games are sorted by title in a ascending order. But notice how Final Fantasy X, XIII and XV (10, 13 and 15 respectively) are ahead Final Fantasy III, IV and so on.

Is there a way to fix this?
I imagine the system is not considering the number 10 or 13 as a whole number, but as 1,0 or 1,3.

And yes. In the “Title Sort” field, I have it filled with the actual numeric number instead of the roman one

Tip: add the Sort Title as a column, that makes it a bit easier to debug sorting issues.

I think you need to use “01”, “02”, “03” … “10”, “11” in the Sort Title to make it sort correctly, as it uses alphabetical sorting.

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That solved the problem.

Thank you!

For Sort title I usually go with the game name and the year of release for example : “Final Fantasy 1992”. I want all my titles sorted chronologically.

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That’s a nice idea actually. Haven’t thought of that!
Perhaps I’ll implement on my catalog. Thanks for the tip!