To link or not to link?

I’m thinking of moving from Book Collector to Book Connect but…

If I link my entries to the Core does it mean that data relating to books in my collection could be amended or even replaced by automatic updates? Could cover images I have uploaded be replaced by different ones?

I understand your reasons for encouraging linking, but if I want - more than anything - to preserve the purity of my data, can I just add books manually and NOT link to the Core? Are there any adverse implications for my collection in not linking?

I believe user defined fields are not transferable to Book Connect, so when migrating is all such data lost? What steps could I take to capture this data within Book Connect? For example, such fields could include How Many Colour/B&W Photos in a particular book.

Nope never.

Nope, never ever.

But, for books where you did NOT upload a Custom Image, these will “follow” the Core image, so if the Core image is replaced (usually by a better image) then the new image will appear in your collection too.

For linked books, without a Custom Image, the images are shared between all users, which saves a HUGE amount of disk space, bandwidth and processing power.

That is correct.
What you can do is use the Transfer Field Data tool in Book Collector to move the data to other fields (e.g. Notes or Tags).

Thanks, understood.

I was just preparing my Book Collector database to migrate to Book Connect but for some reason I cannot sync to the cloud, nor can I view my collection in the cloud. In both cases I receive a ‘http 502 Bad Gateway’ error message. How to resolve please? I have tried restarts but no luck, still the same error message

Seems to be sorted now…