Total Tracks

Is there a permanent way to just add the total number of tracks for an album, without having to enter each track individually? I did enter a number in total tracks but it does not show up in the main page.

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Tracks are counted automatically in Music Connect, based on the number of tracks you have in each album.

You don’t have to enter a title for a track, you can just hammer that “+ Track” button a couple of times and it should easily, and quickly, add more tracks.

I’m confused by this, which field are you talking about here? Can you show me with a screenshot?

I was entering info into the wrong field. Was actually putting it in the quantity field, my bad. How about having an option of entering the total number of tracks without “hammering” on the add track choice. Just a thought.

Ah I see.

I’m not sure about having an “add button” where you can enter a number, and then that’s the amount of tracks entered.

I gotta ask, where is this problem coming from? Do you have to do this often? Are the tracks from Core not good?

Mostly for albums that are not in core. Maybe a few dozen in my collection

For albums that are not in Core, have you ever tried searching via the “Catalog Number” tab in the Add Albums screen? You might have a better chance of finding your album that way.

The catalog number is usually printed on the spine of a CD, and also “somewhere” on a vinyl.

I have used that in the past. Most of the albums I can’t find are mp3 downloads of albums from the web. So I only have the album artist and title to go by.