Tracking Reading

How do others track books they’ve read in CLZ? I am trying to keep my book info all in one place, but opening the app to get to the personal section is time-consuming. I am also curious about if others include other books they read, from the library for example.

I created a new tab under Manage Collections and moved all of the books I’ve read to that new tab.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I use the Book Connect app: on the [Manage Favourites] drop-down, I use ‘Read Date’.

On the [Folders] drop-down, I usually select [Read Year], although as I am temporarily living in Canada, I have been using [Location] under [Personal] drop-down, to capture all books read since I arrived here last June.

I track every book (and have started to track magazines and even blogs) that I read in CLZ; I go to the Personal tab and complete Read Date and Read (Y/N), as well as typically an entry in Notes where I put the date/time stamp and a couple of comments about what I’ve read - chapters, pages, just some idea of what of the book I’ve taken in. I use both Book Connect on my laptop computer and CLZ Books on my iPhone and iPad. Does this help? Were you asking something else? I keep notes on the reading somewhere else - usually more involved and deeper notes; I use CLZ/Book Connect as an inventory of books I have or want or borrowed and read/unread.

CLZ has a clickable option to say that you read a book and what date. I use those.

I also then use View → Folders → Personal → Reading Year to keep track of how many I’ve read in a year. (Thanks CLZ for telling me about that!)

I also asked for an enhancement to also include number of pages a year read - because I like to track that. (To do that, you have to export the list of that year’s read books to excel and then sum the number of pages column. ) They said they’d think about it.

And here is the screenshot for that View → Folders → Personal → Reading Year cuz CLZ said I couldn’t add more than 1 screenshot to a post because I was new! :laughing:


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I track my “active” reading in Storygraph, then my “final” (when I actually finish a book) in personal. But I update from desktop which I find less cumbersome for updating those fields.

Alas, I suspect any sort of partnership with a service like StoryGraph is prohibitively complicated, but man it’d be great to connect my collection to my reading more explicitly…

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I’m updating my Storygraph with previously read books - I’ve got figures back to 1997 so it’s a long job!
I started recording daily reading there around the middle of last year, just for my entertainment really…

I use it for recording books I’ve read, and my to-read list. I use the Desktop as it has many more features.

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one thing that I have done is to add start and finish dates (I changed publication date to started date) and modified the finish year by adding in DNF for Did not finish. I also changed the ISBN category to who recommended that I read the book (most of the entries read “author” for when I am reading other books by the same author). It also allows me, in conjunction with the rating system, to see what recommendations I can safely ignore (I’m looking at you Meredith…).