Tracks for multi-movement work not correctly handled

Hi - I have an Album with some multi-movement works. On the physical album, each movement is a separate track, with the details of the work as a header on the sleeve listing. But when I loaded the CD into MC (by Barcode), it only included 1 track for each of these works - so that the rest of the tracks are effectively renumbered, and I have 17 tracks in the MC record, instead of 28 on the actual CD.
I worked out that I could put the movements in as subtracks, but they’re not numbered, so I still only have ‘17 tracks’ - see attached screenshot. This means that, if I link the album to the digital tracks on my PC (ripped from my CD), they’re all wrong.

Is this a problem with the way the album is stored in the Core? Is that where a barcode load gets it’s information from? More importantly, how can I get the album into my MC with the right track numbering, and all the correct file links?

Thanks for any help

Hi again - so I worked out that I should add the ‘subtracks’ as tracks instead - deleted the ‘work’ tracks and replaced them with Headers - then moved them all into place and re-numbered. I can now link from my digital files and it works OK.

But it’s a hassle - why was the Core record arranged like that in the first place? (If that is indeed where the problem lies)

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