Tracks Titles

Is it possible to Rescan a cd with the tracks titles? Every time I rescan the CD, the track titles do not appear, only the durations of each song are imported.

Hi @francaedson! I believe in a previous post @CLZ_Alwin explained that only track times are scanned from the CD drive.

Titles may come from CLZ Core when you are an active subscriber.

But you bring up a good question about how to rescan and repopulate track information. I haven’t had to do that before.

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Thanks @Sir-Spin-A-Lot. I remember that in earlier versions of CLZ Music, when I inserted a CD, it would automatically download the songs with their respective titles and track times. I don’t know why this function was disabled. It is very useful when we need to manually insert a CD that is not in the CLZ Core.

Well, I could have misunderstood the previous post. Hopefully, someone from CLZ will chime in with a difinitive answer.