Transferring to a new computer

I just got a new computer. PC running Windows 11 Home. Successfully installed the CLZ Windows software and synced the data from the cloud.

Is there a way to export the settings and themes from the old computer into my new install?
Columns, views, etc.

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If you’re transferring from Windows to Windows, the instructions can be found here:

However, if you’ve already moved and synced, and are happy, that’s good too of course.

As for columns and views: I recommend to just use View > Columns and set the columns up that you would like to have, that is a lot quicker than dealing with files.

Menu View > Layout can be used to change the layout.

Menu “Tools > Settings” can be used to actually make settings.

If you actually made a lot of custom columns views that you want to bring over, then you can, those are stored as XML files in your Documents > Movie Collector folder (by default) on the old computer. Just bring all .xml and .txt files over to your new computer, and put them in the same folder there (replacing the files that are there now!).

Make sure both programs on both computers are CLOSED when you do that transfer of files.

But again: it’s likely quicker to just set up your views as you like them, on the new computer.

Hope that helps!