Turn off IMDB score?

Is there a way to remove the IMDB score from the movies in my collection? I really don’t care what those ratings are and I would prefer to not have them displayed or listed with the movies in my collection.

Thank you!

Hi @Wobblefoot , it is currently not possible to disable the IMDb ratings/votes fields in the list/details.

You wouldn’t want to see them anywhere at all?
(You can currently disable backdrops, trailers, index and “my rating” though).

Yeah, I would prefer not to see it anywhere, but especially on the main list and card view. I often disagree with the IMDB score for movies and TV shows, sometimes pretty greatly, so those scores are meaningless to me for my collection.

Not a dealbreaker by any means, would just be a nice option to have. Really love most everything else about the app and web client :slight_smile:

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