Unable to keep library anymore

I have tried accessing my music collection on several occasions recently. Each time, there is nothing in my collection. However, I am able to sync changes, which proceeds to fill my collection. Why does this keep happening. I used to be able to have my collection ready every time I accessed it, without having to go through the sync.

The above is what I have sent to Customer support, and they are in the midst of trying to help solve my problem. I was wondering if anybody here can give additional advice.

Know that I have uninstalled the app many times and attempted to re-install. What it does now is give me this error message:

I can add music to my library, but ultimately, the music is not saved anywhere, because I have to download my entire library each time I open the app.

I am hesitant to start a support conversation here, since you say you are already in contact with support.
But… .to me that sounds like the program does not have access to your local database file. Maybe a Windows folder/file permission issue?
In any case, there is no need to download your collection from the CLZ Cloud everytime.