The NM bucket seems really high.

I see a few relatively recently sold copies much lower than that.

You’re definitely correct and we appreciate you pointing it out. Something important to look at when you see a sale that looks way off - how old is the sales data?

That $74.99 sale happened and it is confirmed (see image), but it was a presale a few days before the convention. Looking at the sales you highlighted from eBay - its great data but none of the sellers used a listing format that our algorithm can pick up on. We need a few pieces of key data for our algorithm to work and in each example one or more was missing. So we pulled in the data, but those sales just did not auto match to the book in our database.

We’ve since matched up more recent sales with the book in the database so the FMV is more in line with current expectations. We’re constantly tweaking our algorithms and auto match criteria to help bring in more sales that don’t require any sort of manual intervention, but we’ll never get it all - just too much variability in how individual sellers list books. But we’re certainly going to try!

Thanks again!

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