Unlinking a comic you've linked to the wrong book

Hi CLZ team,
I had about 50 unlinked book in my library and I’ve been working through linking them and getting them added to the core.

I have 3 American Flagg HCs, I’ve just discovered in the core appear under the First Comics Graphic Novels series. (Personally I like the books name to match the indica exactly, and I know how to change the series to make it appear as I want it)

My problem is, that in trying to link the American Flagg!: Hard Times HC to First Comics Graphic Novel 3B, I’ve linked it to the wrong book in the Core. The link to the core page was only giving me the option to link it to issue 1A, thinking it might link to the right book, if I just linked the series, I have, in error linked it to issue 1A. Is there a way for me to Unlink the book from the core to try and fix this?

I am afraid this is not possible using the CLZ Cloud site. You would need the Comic Connect web-based software for that (you can use a 7 day free trial maybe?).

Then in Comic Connect, select the comic and from the toolbar above the details, choose Unlink from Core:

The only other solution I can think of is to just remove the entry and re-add it from Core.