Unrated, Not Rated & US Approved Movies

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Many US titles are released with “Unrated” & “Not Rated” ratings. Yet the Core seems to not have any provision for these. See pics. Still others come across with a “US Approved” which I’ve never seen on a released title. Any plans to update this?


Hi Roybo,

I ended up creating my own Not Rated rating which I use for movies in my collection that are listed as both Unrated and Not Rated. I basically created the “Rating” by clicking on Edit > Manage Pick List > Audience Rating or clicking on “+” to the right of the Audience Rating drop down when editing a Movie, which takes you to the Manage Pick List screen.

I have also created a bunch of combined ratings for movies that have an extended version that has a different rating/unrated/not rated (for example - The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies: PG-13-theatrical / R-extended).

I have also created combined ratings for imported movies that I have. After the decline of 3D movies in the US, I had to import most 3D films that I wanted, so I created combined ratings with the rating shown on the packaging and then the corresponding US Rating.

As for the US Approved, I haven’t found an Icon for it, but, if I remember, that was used prior to the 1968 implementation of the MPAA (now MPA) Ratings. This Wikipedia article has a bunch of information on Ratings and their history, plus links on how ratings came into existence:


I too have created NR/U ratings and Icons as well as 100 others. image
Most of them have a CLZ Core ID#, however I question the validity of many of the core’s ratings, but that’s another topic.

My topic was aimed more at the CLZ crew and its need to add these 2 (NR/U) ratings. Additionally the only thing I could find on “US Approved” are a group of movies noted per IMDb. Guess that explains CLZ’s use of It’s US Approved ‘Rating’

BTW - Here is a wiki-link for a multi-country ratings.