Unwanted image updates

I previously brought this up in the Discord and was told the original issue (having my custom covers replaced with a blurry version from the Cloud) could be from having too large of a file size. So I went through and replaced all my custom images so that the file sizes were apx. 100~300kb. For the most part, no more issues there.

However, I’ve noticed that sometimes when I update a different field (such as developer, rating) that sometimes the next time I sync with the Cloud it will replace my custom covers again with blurry versions.

Sometimes this occurs if I edit both the custom cover and different field at the same time. Other times it occurs if I just edit something at all.

That is very strange, that should never ever happen. If you have set a Custom Image, it should never be replaced with the Core image.

Let’s investigate how and why this happens:

  • first, can you check your CLZ Cloud data? Do you see your custom images there?
  • are you sometimes using Update from Core?
  • are you using multiple devices?

In your CLZ Cloud, I see that you have replaced many Core images with cartridge images, so those came through to the cloud and are visible there.
I also see a lot of box images that are a bit “yellowish” in color, so I assume those are your own custom images too.

It doesn’t get replaced with a Core image, but rather a downgraded version of my custom image. Which I find strange when my files are only around 300kb at most with most closer to 150-250kb (which really isn’t that big).

  • Yes, I see my custom images in the Cloud (though sometimes random ones don’t show up for some reason).
  • I don’t update from Core.
  • I have multiple devices, but back when I noticed this was happening I would sync to the Cloud and then immediately sync again to check. So I’m not updating with other devices in-between.

Ah, I see. Then we are looking at a different problem.

So basically, you are adding custom images to your games, ONLY using the CLZ Games mobile app. You sync to the CLZ Cloud, but then later a downsized version of your image is coming back.

We are indeed downsizing custom images that are synced to the CLZ Cloud, if they are above a certain resolution and/or size. Will need to look up what the limits are.
That does not explain why the downsized images are syncing back to your device from the cloud. Unless you are making changes on multiple devices.

In any case, images that are under 500kb should not be downsized at all, unless their resolution is still very high.
What resolution are your images in?

A lot are 600dpi, but this even happens to images that were like 96dpi. And even then, it doesn’t do it to the vast majority of them. If 600dpi was the issue I’d imagine it would happen a lot more often.

But what resolution are they in? As in 1500 x 2000 pixels?

Oh, I try to shrink them down to between 500x500 to 750x750

If your images are within 750x750 and below 500kb, then they should never be sized down when syncing.
I will look into this with our devs on Monday.