Update Cover/Back Folder for Box Sets

I may have asked this before, so pardon me for the repeat.
I have a large number of movie box sets. I manually update the cover and back cover for each movie I have from the actual case and not stock photos.

Individual movies is not a problem and very easy for me to do.

My request is the ability to bulk update photos for Box Sets. When I search for a movie in my physical cabinet collection the cover photos make it easy to find.
My current example is a BoxSet with 50 or more different titles.

It is not a life and death matter … it would make for a better use of time.
Just a thought

Can you elaborate on “bulk update photos for Box Sets”?
I am not clear on what you want to do exactly.

Also, are you adding the Box Sets as ONE single entry in your database, or with all contained movies as separate entries?

Thank You Alwin…I am adding box sets as separate entries. So when I want to update I can use the “List” check the movies in the box set and update them at once, rather than individually. “List” lets me update almost any field I want. However, “List” does not allow me to update the photos “Cover Photo and Back Cover” as one action.
For example now if I wanted to update the photos on a Box Set with (i.e.) 10 titles, I have to update the photo’s individually one at a time…rather than all 10 at once.
Now this is not a deal breaker. I have some box sets with 100 different films that I have update the cover and back photo on each …one at a time. It’s boring, and at my age I certainly have the time. I’m just looking to build a better mouse trap.
Take Care. Larry

Sorry, I don’t know what you are referring to with “List” feature?

Why not just set the Cover image of the Box set it self?

When I open up Movie Connect I have the choice of settings “LIST” / Vertical Cards / Horizontal Cards / Covers / or Shelves.
I normally make my changes in the Cover Mode. If I want to make changes to movies I use the “LIST” for movies with multiple titles. LIST allows me to add or remove multiple fields at once. It does not have a field for adding, making, changing Front Covers and Back Covers. I don’t need that capability when I am updating one movie at a time. But when I have a boxset that that more than one movie, and I want to use the front and back cover of the boxset “LIST” has no function for that. FOR EXAMPLE if I want to add front and back cover photo’s for the boxset "Fritz Lang The Silent Movies, which is a 12 disc collection I want the Front and Cover Photo to be the same on all the films in the 12 disc collection. I have to change them from “stock photo’s” for all the movies to just the front and back cover of the box set.
If the LIST had the ability to add the front and back cover it would automatically upload to all the titles for this Box Set in Connect.
I would like the capability to update all the films in the 12 disc collection at once rather than one at a time.
Thank You

The idea is that the box set has its own image. You can go to “manage pick lists”, then go to “box set” via the dropdown, then you can add 1 single cover for the box.

That cover will then be shown in each of the 12 movies at the top of the details template, while they also retain their own cover.

In “images” view, you will always only see the actual movie cover indeed.

It is not possible to use “edit multiple” on the cover of movies.

Thank You Alwin
I appreciate your help.
Have a Great Day

Thank You AJ
Have a Great Week

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