Update from Core NOT changing Series

A little while back in the Facebook groups, Alwin mentioned that an update from the core should replace the series name, but I find it is not in the latest desktop app.

The series in my Pick List is "Black Diamond Western (Super)
The series name in Core is Black Diamond Western (Super Publishing)

Run the update, ensuring Series is set to replace and no changes found. I have to edit the series name in my Pick List manually.

If you right click that comic, can you UNLINK it, then right click and LINK it again, to see if you can THEN update it to replace the series name?

I did unlink and relink as part of my diagnostics. Did not change the outcome.

The only other relevant nugget of info is that this was a manually entered series that did not exist before. I created it as a link placeholder once you added the series.

Linked and updated, did not change the series.
Unlinked, linked and updated, did not change the series.

I’m seeing this too in my Windows version. I’ll get a developer on this coming Monday to see what’s going on. Thanks for reporting this.

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