Update older box set entries

I just updated (renewed) my CLZ Movies software/app which had expired about a year ago. I love the newer version, own over 3000 DVDs with many box sets. How can I update the box sets so I can have one entry but multiple movies ?
Thank you

Hi @mikevideo24 ! Thanks for renewing your Movie Collector program.

It is not possible to change existing single entry box sets (box sets entered as 1 entry) into a “multi movie” box set (multiple movies, bound together with a box set field).

So for those I recommend to, one by one, add them again, then in the Add Movies screen, make sure to click the Add as Multiple movies box set button (instead of the 1 entry one).

That will do the trick. Bit of work, but the only way to make sure this goes right!

thanks so much for the answer and getting back to me so promptly, very helpful