Updates from Core

After the latest update yesterday, if I update from Core, I get a ton of updates every time. Seems to be the same count.

Example is ASM 18 from vol 1 always has changes. I sync, and it shows back up as changed.

This started with the update yesterday.

Let me know how I can help diagnose.

Chris Reeder

Are you on iOS or Android?

I can reproduce this on Android, looks like a bug. I will have a developer look at this next week when we’re all back in the office after easter. My apologies for the bug, to workaround this, just don’t use Update from Core until we can fix this.

Just to be sure, this is about Update from Core, and it always has an update, right?

I see you mention “sync” and “it always comes up as changed” - but you meant that is because Update from Core happened on it, right?

If I understand you correct, that is correct :slight_smile:

No biggy, just wanted to report it. I am a developer too so let me know if I can help.

Happy Easter Weekend!

C. Reeder

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