Updating Collection Names

Hi question please

is there a way of updating the name of a collection and if you update the collection name will that update the collection name in the books already in that collection ie

if I change a collection name from dog to cat will it update those books that already have dog in the collection field to cat in the collection field.?

or do I have to go into every book that was in that collection and change the collection name manually ?

Also can you delete collection names

hope this makes sense

Sure, just use Manage Collections to rename a collection. That will not affect the books that are in the collection.

Hi Alywn so I can change the name of a collection but I then need to go into every book that was in that collection and individually change the collection details?

No no need to do that. If you change the name of a collection, that’s it. All books that were in that collection will stay in that collection, no need to change the books.

Hi Alwyn Apologies I meant Series name not collection. I am still learning to use your software and all my books are in series and each series can contain between 2 and 50 books.

not sure if there is a way to rename a series or if I have to create a new one then re-add the books to it. Also how do I remove unwanted Series names from Series?

many thanks

You can rename series in the Manage Pick Lists screen.
Open the menu, choose Manage Pick Lists, then from the dropdown at the top, choose Series list.

You can rename a Series there and it will automatically update for all books.