Updating cover images from core

Update from core settings currently look like:

What if i wanted to do an “update if empty” just for cover images?

2nd question:
what if i wanted to do an update from core not across my entire Db… but i wanted to do it just for the single issue I’m currently viewing?

For your second question: You can update an individual book that you are looking at. When you are looking at the book, tap the Action button and the menu will have “Update from Core” so you can do one book at a time.

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@jnovel thanks! It gave me the same dialog as when trying to update more than 1 issue and i was paranoid it was going to do more than the single issue… but I tried it and it didn’t… just the one :grin:

This should happen automatically. For all Core fields that are not in that settings list, the rule for the Update process is to indeed do “Update if Empty”.

@CLZ_AJ i want to explicitly update ONLY for cover images.
I avoid doing general updates from core because there are things i explicitly don’t want to be updating (key information among other things).
I want to be very explicit about what field to update and nothing else…

Maybe best to just do this on an individual basis if i notice a missing/incorrect cover.

Key information should not download at all when updating from core (only Update Key Info does that).

But yeah, perhaps just do it 1 by 1 then.

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