Upload additional images

Currently we are able to upload/assign a front and back cover of a release. I wouldn’t mind being able to attach images of the media itself (VHS tapes, etc) and extra’s like collector’s edition contents (busts, mediabooks, cards, etc etc).

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I was just thinking about this today! In the old desktop app, there was additional space for the movie poster, for example. But just this morning, I was scanning the back of my new Darkman steelbook and had to decide if I wanted to scan the slipcover or the actual steelbook itself. Why not both? Lots of slipcovers have different art than the keepcase sleeve, for example. And some distributors, like Shout! or Kino, package sleeves with reversible art.

(My opinion is that this isn’t a critical missing feature—just something that might be nice in the future!)