URL for specific collection


Is there a way to provide a url to a specific collection, that does not show the other collections in the account?right now, users can send URL to a collection, but it does show the other collections at the bottom

There is no way to provide a specific URL to a collection and only make them see that collection.

It is possible to set “Cloud Visibility” per collection. If you go to your CLZ Cloud Sharing page (via the menu, then CLZ Cloud Sharing) on Music Connect, you can do this:

In this example, if I share my Cloud with someone, they will only see my “Documentaries” collection, as my “My movie collection” is set to “Private”.

Perhaps that can get you on your way!

Hey, yes, I am aware of this feature, but I was hoping to be able to provide a URL that only shows a certain collection, even though the other collections are public. perhaps something you can consider for the future!

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Sure that is possible. For example, this is a direct link to your “Sophie Ellis-Bextor” collection:

Yes, this works, but I wanted to be able to share a link to a specific collection without showing the other collections, even if the other collections are visible.