User defined fields not available for folder sorting

Hi, I’m just wondering why user defined fields are not available for folder sorting? Is this just a feature for the cloud connect users, or has it actually been dropped?

Folder grouping is only available for “pick list” fields.

Simple “text” fields can not be grouped on.

So it depends what type of User Defined Field you’ve made that regulates if you can “folder group” on it.

Try creating a new Pick List field and put some data in it. Then you should be able to group on that new field!

(Cloud Connect users do not have User Defined Fields, I’m not sure where you’ve read that this might be a feature for Cloud/Connect users only, could you show that to me?)

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Thanks. I just made an assumption about the cloud connect, so it was just something plucked out of the air, and obviously completely wrong. Anyway, thanks again. You’ve put me back on track :slight_smile:

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