User defined fields

I would love it if a couple of user defined fields were implemented in the app. I for one have the use of some extra fields that’s not currently exists. Don’t know if other users miss some fields, but by adding user defined fields everyone will have the possibility to add their own missing data fields.

Examples of fields that I would like to have:
• Franchise (multi value) - to be able to group/sort my movies/series by franchise Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Star Trek and so on. I know I can use the Series field or Tags to do this, but it has drawbacks and limitations so I would prefer to have a dedicated Franchise field instead.

• List (multi value) - creating different watchlists, top 10 lists and such by tagging the List-field

• Catalog Number (single value) - to use with editions that have numbered spines (for example Criterion, 101 Films Black Label)

• Watched History and a Watched Counter - to keep track of when and how many times youve seen a movie


:+1: I do like the Franchise, watch history/counter and catalog # ideas.

Wish they’d change the “Is Tv Series.” I’ve changed it as displayed via editing but it displays the same as finished product.

I’ve found you can add any sort of user defined fields you’d like. However, getting CLZ to add them is another task. But at least, you can sort and seek via the user defined fields you add. Workaround but better than nothing

To my knowledge the functionality with user defined fields only exist in Movie Collector and not in the mobile app and the extra added fields can only be used in Movie Collector :pensive: at least that’s what I experienced back in the days when i used the desktop software.

I assumed you were using the desktop software as this is posted in the “Movie Collector” section in Club CLZ.

Regardless, very little customized stuff carries over well from Movie Collector (Desktop) to the ‘CLZ Movies’ (Mobile app) or ‘Movie Connect’ in (Cloud based)

No its posted in the CLZ Movies forum :slightly_smiling_face: (on my phone at least)

However, one of the reasons I didn’t renew my Movie Collector subscription was that all data edited in Movie Collector wasn’t accessible in CLZ Movies.

My bad I must have popped the wrong tab and got here without noticing.

No worries, it happens :slightly_smiling_face:

I think you renamed the wrong field. That is the “Is TV Series” field, which is a Yes/No field indicating if an entry is a TV Series or not.

You need to rename the Series field, I think.

Hi I changed the series field but the “TV Series” remains. BTW this is for Mov. Collector


The “TV Series” bit in the details template is actually the “value” for the “Is TV Series” field, not the name of the “Is TV Series” Field.

The name of the field “Is TV Series” is only used in the yellow circles of my screenshot:

The template shows the value for that field. For “Yes” that value is “TV Series”
For “No” it is just left away.

This can not be changed for the template by the user I’m afraid, my apologies.

Yes I understand how it works, but was hoping it could be modified in future update?

Or a possibly entry second for franchises. My thinking is that there are probably a lot more Star Wars & Marvel collectors than Friends & Seinfeld. Also this would be useful for Anime collectors as well.

Cheers :beer: … oh wait that’s a TV series

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Ah, I thought you thought it was actually a bug. Sorry about that! I’m not sure if this is something I want to put on a list to be changed, because that is a very internal part of the program/templates. You might want to go with Tags or a different solution on this one instead of waiting it out for us to change something here I’m afraid. My apologies. I do take note of these conversations of course.

I guess I might would use Marvel or Star Wars in the Series field, then use “NO” for the “Is TV Series”.
Then foldergroup by “Is TV Series” first, then use “Series” as second folder.

Or I would perhaps even make an entire separate 2nd collection for my TV Shows… that is also an option we see a lot of users do!

As for Cheers: TV Series: Yes/No/Beer
I’ll take the beer version! I mean, it is almost weekend right? :slight_smile:

AJ, No Bug just wishful thinking. No apologies necessary. Going to rework my "Is TV Series " for now.

Continuous improvement is better than delayed perfection .” – Mark Twain.

Ever consider a user survey? Maybe something here in the “Club CLZ” to aid with future improvements. We used to use them very successfully in my old business.

  • Wants and wishes.
  • Loves and hates about program.
  • Outdated items.
  • Unused bits in the program.

Just a thought.
Cheers man

Not really. We are talking with so many users every day, by email, on this forum, on Facebook, etc… that we have quite a good idea of user wishes and need. In fact, I believe that “spontaneous” reports about needs and annoyance and are more valuable than “sollicited” answers to a survey.

I have a field for “true story” that I would like to see supported in the mobile app.

That is typically something that I would recommend to use a Tag for.