Value of CGC graded comics

I have a question about the values pulled from Cverprice. It looks like it only pulls from the same grade, but doesn’t look at lower grade sales. When assessing the asking price for ASM #1, the price for a 1.8 grade was coming up lower than a 1.5. I’m sure it’s because a 1.8 grade is rare compared with a 1.5 grade. Is there a way to expand the algorithm to get a better assessment for grades?

At this point, CovrPrice just reports the sales. We do not do predictive pricing beyond giving you the most common condition fair market value if we have no data for the grade you own (i.e. the price for the grade that has the most sales history). This means that it is definitely possible to have a 1.8 sell for less than a 1.5 (depending on when the last sale happened, on what platform, what sales format, etc.). That can seem illogical but comics aren’t like stocks. There is no single marketplace and no perfect price curve for each book.

That being said, we do have it on our roadmap to do more with Predicted Market Values (PMV’s) - but its not easy. There’s a reason that no one else out there is doing it. GoCollect and GPA just report the actual sales. GoCollect used to try to predict prices but it was so hard and they were so bad at it that they bailed on the attempt. Now they just make this type of statement when they don’t have data:


As a workaround, you can always update the value of a book to override the CP sales data. You can get more context to do this by going to the actual CovrPrice website and diving into the individual sales information.

Looking at your specific situation, it seems more likely that the 1.5 sale is a bit of an outlier. That 1.5 sale is higher than the last 2.0 sale that happened a couple of months ago. Similar graded comics can vary 30+% in value within only a week’s time - even when sold on the same platform. That 1.8 was an auction and the 1.5 was a BINOBO - where auctions commonly go for less than BIN’s. But its a tough call. It just shows the variability of the marketplace. Its not perfect.

Hey, thanks for the reply!
I thought that might be the case. All the shops are using you guys to price their stuff nowadays, especially the higher priced books. My adventure started when a local store had (still has) ASM 1 in a 1.5 grade. They said they want $8500 because that was the last recorded sale. That night I went on EBay and I was the guy that bought the 1.8 for $5800 because I thought, what a bargain! Then I saw Cverprice had the 1.8’s at $4500 and the 1.5’s at around $7200. Now it’s just me flexing wanted to know the value of what I got. I know it’s an imperfect system, but no one will argue that a 1.8 is worth more than a 1.5.

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Frankly, I’d take that 1.5 over the 1.8. That 1.8 looks bad - so much resto remediation and rusty staple with rust migration.

But you’re right - always good to check prices in various places if you are considering a big purchase or sale.

Ummmmm, okay. You’d prefer a lower grade because you prefer other types of damage? And what resto are you taking about? CGC didn’t give it a restoration label. Am I missing something?

Resto mitigation - meaning they cleaned it up before submitting for grading So it could get a blue label.

So you’ve never heard, buy the book not the grade?

Also, prices for that book are largely overlapping from like 1.5 up to around 4.0. There’s just some books that have somewhat of a plateau at certain grade ranges. You’d think it would have a nice price curve but it doesn’t.

I appreciate the information. I’m still super happy with my purchase even if you don’t agree.

Sorry man - I used improper language and gave you the wrong impression. I meant that if the 2 books were the same price, I’d take that 1.5 - but you got a VASTLY SUPERIOR price on an AMAZING book. When you can get a professionally graded grail type comic at the low end of the price range for similarly graded books, that’s a huge win.