Vanya: The Lost Warrior #4F - Vinz El Tab Variant (Bad Bug Media)

Release: Feb 25, 2023

Cover: 2023

Publisher: Bad Bug Media


Modern Age | USA | English

Comic | 32 pages

Genre: Adult, Science Fiction

In the year 2288, Earth has unified into one singular nation of people. Scientific discovery has led to time travel, allowing resources to be brought in from varying timelines and dimensions throughout history, leading to a prosperous world.

The discovery of intelligent life on other planets has caused a need for warriors to be shaped into ruthless survivalists. To do so, the military enacted a program called the Time Trials.

Vanya, among many other warriors, has been chosen to travel back to an undisclosed prehistoric period for one year without any technology to aid her in her survival. Once the duration has expired, she will return to the present time and advance to the pantheon of The Astral Guard - the sect of warriors on the forefront of interplanetary discovery and warfare.

In Issue 4 of this sexy series, Vanya and her lover, Serah, travel through the savage lands in search of any trace of fellow Time Guards who are planning to find a way back to the future.


Credit Name
Writer Alyza Dunn, Mike Tener
Artist Zoran Jovicic
Cover Artist Vinz El Tab
Colorist Bryan Magnaye
Letterer Justin Birch

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