Variant Description search capability (folder)

Would it be possible to add ‘Variant Description’ to the list of fields that can searched on (folders)?

This would make it so much easier to add some types of tags to a group of comics; i.e. Alex Ross Timeless Variants (where pretty much all the variant descriptions have ‘timeless’ in the variant description), or Virgin Variants (where pretty much all ‘Virgin’ variants have this ins the variant description).

Screenshot 2024-06-02 141703

It is currently not possible to group on Variant Description as that field is not a “pick list” field (which is needed to allow grouping on it).

I’m not sure if you also own the CLZ Comics mobile app? If you do, you can group on Variant Description there already, that was actually included by accident (it was originally a bug hah). We’ll likely have it make its way to Comic Connect at some point too.

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Thanks for this. I’ll use my mobile to add tags via the variant description then :grinning:

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