Version/s for 'light' users of CLZ Books

I like CLZ Books a lot, and have used it for a while. My first big burst of use was to catalogue my collection, one I had accumulated over the years. These days I only add a few books over a year as I buy fewer than I used to (and have less storage space anyway since I moved onto a canal boat). I’d thus now categorise my use as ‘light’. The Books app (and related programs) are great but at $4 a month as a light user it’s now becoming too costly for me, probably in reality costing up to $1 a book to catalogue. I’m likely to cancel my subscription soon. But it just makes me wonder, is it feasible to have some sort of ‘Subscription for Light Users’? Or maybe a completely manual version where us light users do all the hard work locally and don’t take full advantage of the automated features (like look up etc). I can manage with simpler automatic descriptions, for example, and it’s easy enough to add my own cover images. I’d probably subscribe to a ‘Books, Light Version’ but right now that looks like an unlikely option? So for now I’m making sure everything I have is catalogued and then resort to being able to interact with my catalogue locally. Oh, and before you ask, no I don’t have a definition for ‘light’!

The CLZ Books app currently costs US $1.49 per month. That is going to US $1.99 per month on July 1.
Not sure where you are getting the $4 per month?

(BTW: if you pay yearly, it is even cheaper)

I am afraid it is unlikely that there will be a lite version of CLZ Books.