Viewing Notes field in the Cloud

When viewing my Book Collector database in the Cloud I cannot view the Notes field of individual records. I guess this limitation is intentional?

If I migrate to Book Connect, would I then be able to see and fully edit the Notes field of records?

Oh and why does ‘Printed By’ and ‘Type of Paper’ just return numerical values when viewed in the Cloud?

That sounds like you have your CLZ Cloud Visibility set to PARTIAL, which means Personal fields are hidden from the public view.

So either:

  1. set your Cloud Visibilty to PUBLIC
  2. LOG IN to your CLZ Cloud site to see all data

Yes, then you would be able to Edit all fields through the online interface.

That sounds like a bug. Will check.

Yes, you seem to have all numerical values in that field.
Maybe you renamed that field in Book Collector and have been using it for something else?

Yes, could be. I will check again.

In Cloud view I can’t seem to view or list my books according to their collection index number. Is this possible in Cloud view?

Would it be possible if I move to Book Connect?

That is possible, just add the Index field as a column then sort on it.