Vinyl color display on cards?

I’ve been using Music Connect for a few years now, and I’ve searched high and low for an option to display the vinyl color field on cards. I know it’s on the list view, but I really hate the list view (for various reasons) so I’m trying to find it on cards view (either vertical or horizontal). It’s entirely possible that I’m just daft and have missed something obvious for years, but it doesn’t seem to me that this is an option. I cannot stress this enough… IT REALLY SHOULD BE! A lot of us buy multiple different color variants of vinyl albums, and without that info easily displayed on cards, it just looks like I have somewhere between 4 and 9 exact duplicates of the same album on the cards view. In the help manual, cards view is described as “displaying the most important information.” Well, for many of us (the wax heads) this is probably the most important information aside from Artist and Album. I do a fair amount of buying, selling, and trading of albums, and I keep a link to my database accessible to the people I deal with regularly. At least 75% of them have asked me if I can put the vinyl color on the cards to make it easier for them to see which colors I have at-a-glance.

If I’ve just missed this option somewhere, please, feel free to point it out to me with copious thanks in advance. If this is not an option, then I would passionately like to go on record as requesting this feature from the powers that be.

You’re not daft! It is currently not possible to set your own fields to display on the vertical or horizontal cards.

This has been on the feature request list to have 1 or maybe 2 (chosen by user) fields that the user can set to display on cards, but right now it is not possible (as you can imagine, vinyl color is important to you, but a different field might be important to others).

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That’s a very good point. Certainly, CD collectors or people tracking their digital collections wouldn’t want that there. I get it. But yeah, one or two user-defined fields would be a dream. Thanks for confirming I’m not totally batty.

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