Visual Bug On App in Tablet Mode?

I found a visual bug on the app when it’s in tablet layout/mode. This is reproduceable on my Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 as well as Bluestacks emulating an Android tablet.

When the app is first opened, it shows a pending sync operation even though there is no pending sync. The button stays when switching between collections, but disappears when you scroll up or down. Auto Sync is turned off in my app. I’ve attached a video of the bug in action.

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I will need to check with our developers, but I think this is a known bug that has already been fixed.

@CLZ_AJ , can you confirm?

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Yes, this looks very much like the problem we fixed already - the fix has not been released yet though.

The fix will be included in the next version of CLZ Comics , but I have no exact date for this. Hopefully you can work with it for now - ignore it for now :slight_smile:


Thanks, guys. It doesn’t bother me, just makes me double check sync state every now and then. Glad to hear a fix is inbound, though!

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