Way to add comics that are preordered and show them as not in collection yet

i need to be able to keep track of my monthly orders online for books that haven’t been released yet. the app seems to have these issues added but i don’t want to add to collection until they show up. how would i go about adding them to show i bought them but haven’t received them yet? i often go to stores and see new issues before mine arrive and it would be nice to know if i ordered it or not. when i order books i order manually and dont get titles added every month like a comic store sub would do, so i am not sure how a pick list would help.

Have you found the “On Order” status?

When you go to add a comic, you can tap the arrow in the lower right corner and switch between adding it to In Collection, On Order, For Sale, Wanted and more. In what’s circled below, it will add it to my collection as “On Order.” If I tap the little arrow/triangle to the right of Add as On Order, I’ll get additional status options.

So you could add those monthly comics to your app as “On Order.” Then, when the comic is in hand, you can either find that comic in your app and change the status to In Collection or when you scan the barcode, it will ask if you want to switch the comic from On Order to In Collection and do it for you.

You can then use the Collection Status icon in the upper right corner to view All Comics, just those On Order, just those For Sale, etc.

(Incidentally, I have nothing “On Order” at the moment, which is why that shows 0 comics.)

i think that was what i was looking for. i know i looked for it some time ago and just started making a wish list with the app. bought a few doubles by mistake as well.