Way to segregate public cloud?

Hello! I have a question for anyone that might be a power user.

If I wanted to share my cloud, but just the For Sale items, I know I can send someone a link with the “For Sale” pre-queried but nothing stops them from just toggling the combo box and looking at my collection or wishlist.

Is there a way to limit that without creating a totally seperate CLZ account to share from?


You can put your For Sale items in a separate collection, then use Cloud Sharing from the menu to make ONLY that collection public and keep the rest private.

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Ohhhhhh, I need to look into this. Much appreciated!

So I finally did this. I created a new collection and transferred my For Sale comics to that new collection and then since to the cloud. Turns out that separate collections are just tabs on the cloud. This almost makes looking at my collection MORE obvious.

Any other ideas?

Sounds like you missed the above part?

I did cause it’s an option on the Cloud site itself. I had looked at all the options in the app and didn’t see anything. Thanks again all figured out.