Wednesday Season 1 Blu-ray Episode photo wierdness


I have Movie Collector and I was about make some updates to the Episodes for the Wednesday Season 1 blu-ray and I noticed something weird regarding the photos. In looking at episode 1, I didn’t recognize the photo after just watching episode 1. When I double clicked on it, a completely different photo opened up.

In the thumbnail for episode one, you can see that it is a couple sitting at a table. The large photo is what comes up when I click on the thumbnail.

I have updated a lot of the episodes in all my TV series over the years (added or replacing photos) and have never seen this issue before. I have check and this occurs for episodes 1-5. I have only watch episodes 1 & 2 but I don’t believe that either of these those thumbnails are from a scene in that episode, but both of the expanded photos are.

The only updates I have made so far are adding to the Disc names, adding the Disc Format and moving the episodes that are on Disc 2 to that disc from Disc 1. Both of those were done prior to me noticing the photo issue.


Hi, I just added this season, and all seems to be good on my side, but, I’m getting different images - so I think they just updated on our server.

The Windows version might not update the thumbnail, but does show the “actual current image for that episode”.

Here’s what I get, if I add the season right now:

You could try to right click the movie entry, use Update from Core, and replace the episodes, that might do the trick.

Alternatively you can re-add it to your collection.

Hi AJ,

I quickly tried both of your suggestions when you responded, but didn’t have much time for an in depth test. Then life got in the way and I didn’t have any time to work on this until today.

Any way, I tried both Updating from Core to replace the episodes and adding a new copy to my collection and for both, the same problem occurred. Today I tried deleting it completely, syncing my collection, deleting the orphan thumbnail and manually deleted the cover, back, poster & backdrop images that were downloaded when I re-added the series. I then re-added it a second time and I am still getting the same thumbnails, but now, with the exception of episode 6, the images that come up for the remaining episodes don’t even correspond to the series. I think they are from a different series.


Hi @Talut so the images were indeed wrong in our Core. We’ve fixed them now.

Can you use Update from Core again, and replace episodes and see if that changes them for you?

(I just added it, saw the wrong images, then we fixed it in Core, then I did Update from Core, and it fixed them all).

Just ran the Update from Core, replace episodes and that fixed both the thumbnails and the photo when you clicked on the thumbnail.


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