What about SerieZ Collector?

As an admirer of CLZ programs, I miss one for series.
It is evident that in these times, series are replacing movies in many areas, and there are more and more of them and of higher quality. That is why series collections are beginning to become more and more frequent.
That’s where CLZ would come in, with software like Movie Collector but for series. Collectorz Series Collector.
I’m sure it would cost very little to do so, because the bulk of the code would be reusable.
Has this ever been talked about? Do you think it would be possible?

Nacho García.

Can you explain why this should be a separate program?
Why not use Movie Collector for series?

Well, I have certainly tried it on several occasions.
Firstly, I don’t know that there are specific tools for series (distinguishing chapters, seasons…), and secondly the management of series with many seasons and chapters (let’s use Walking Dead as an example -11 seasons, 177 chapters) becomes tedious, long and almost impossible without those tools that make the job easier.
Is it perhaps that I don’t know well the program and that it does have those tools?
Thanks for answering so quickly.


All that is fully supported by our movie cataloging tools and and Core online movie database.

I recommend to try our software again, then let me know if you run into any problems or questions.