What do the different tones mean when scanning?

When scanning the barcode, the app produces different tone sequences. Since there are different tone sequences, do they indicate something?

After the initial “scan beep”, the app gives a 2nd beep that differs depending on the result:

  • A short beep when ONE exact match is found (the most common situation)
  • Two short beeps when multiple results are found (in which case you need to select one)
  • A short low buzz when NO results are found

That doesn’t match what I am seeing and hearing. I just scanned Bruce Springsteen - The ghost of Tom Joan and got low tone then a higher tone but it only showed one result.

After selecting “Add to collection” check mark at the bottom right, I got the messages of “Add 1 as Multi-Disc Album” that save this as a multi disc entry.

When scanning “Sting’s Ten Summuner’s Tales” it responded with a long low tone then two low short tones. It also got the message of “Add to collection” and then “Add 1 as Multi-Disc Album”.

Thanks for your help,


Thanks for your reply, to test this out on my side, can you share the barcodes of those with me please?