What obscure IP would you like to see brought to comics?

So what’s a franchise IP that hasn’t seen a new life in comics that you’d like to see? Do you have a dream team of creators you’d like to see? I’d like to hear what other readers out there would like to see.

For me some would be:

  • Brisco County Jr. - I’d call it the Further Adventures of Brisco County Jr. as an homage to the old Marvel Indiana Jones.

  • Fifth Element - Maybe not so much a continuation but more stories in that world. Kinda of Heavy Metal-esque.

  • Herculoids

  • Truth Seekers - Since it got canceled on Amazon I’d like to see where it would wind up.

Stretch the imagination, revel in nostalgia, just have fun with it!


I know there have been a couple over the years, but I would love to see a decent attempt at an ongoing comic based on Tron.


That’s a good one and never would have occurred to me. I do like me some Tron.

I remember the Herculoids!
How about:

  • Space Ghost, DC did do this one in the late 90’s I believe.
  • Twilight zone
  • Outer Limits
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Yeah! I’m huge sucker for anthology series, especially sci-fi and horror.

A Golden Sun (GBA video game series) comic series would be pretty neat to see. Any Nintendo franchise, really, as they have typically been reticent to license their IP for comics except in Japan.

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Can’t say I’ve thought much about Nintendo franchises but you’re right. They have a plethora. Metroid or Star Fox would be sweet too.

Visionaries, with a Valiant Vision-esque 3D technology printing/coloring style for those summoning powers and totems to really make it pop.

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Some nice deep cuts there. I think I have a copy of the valiant box set so I’m way there.

I would love to see a continuation and story conclusion to the HBO Max series “Raised by Wolves”. It got weird in S2, but I wanted to see an actual end. It got cancelled before getting a finale.

Have you seen the 1987 Visionaries comics from Star/Marvel? I haven’t read them yet but I’m fascinated by the covers.

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I’m a big fan of Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls video games: Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, and Elder Scrolls Online. The lore and storytelling on that medium is excellent imho.

As of now, they have novels but no established comic books (other than one early game mini-comic that is too difficult to obtain from the 1990’s).

I never picked up HBO but I was interested in that series. Shame it didn’t get a finale. I hate when that happens. It’d be nice to see some shows wrapped up, even in comic format. I felt that was about Terra Nova.

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Heck yeah! I dig me some Elder Scrolls too. With their well established world I’m sort of surprised they haven’t branched off.

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No, I actually have not.

Lollipop Chainsaw.

Sexy blonde cheerleader killing zombies with a chainsaw.

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