What s/w to use for plastic kits, such as airplane, cars, ships, ect

I have a generally speaking a modest size of plastic model kits collection, mostly aircrafts in various scales (sizes) and would like some help in identifying a s/w that can be used. I already have the “Books” that maybe can do, but I thought of asking first.

Thank you for your time

Maybe I can help with this!
I too build and have a stash of kits.
I use a software called Tellico I love this app it is open source and you can do a lot with it, the best thing about it is it’s completly 100% free.
The only downside for you might be it runs in Linux. I use POP_OS! which is fantastic and have dumped windows for this OS. The good news is there is a port for windows.

You might give it a try also there is also this which I have used in the past.

This is what I did with Tellico for my modeling and kits.