What's the absolute fastest way to find an issue?

So when I’m on an auction I’d love to figure out if there’s a super fast way to search my collection in the fewest clicks possible to see if

  1. I already own that specific issue
  2. What the CovPrice info is on it.

I haven’t been able to figure out a quick way that doesn’t require a bunch of clicks and mouse movements.

As a comparison, KeyCollect (another app), makes it easy and fast: if you type any part of the name and an issue number it finds all corresponding issues instantly.

Unfortunately CLZ seems to take many more steps to find similar info.

I’d love to hear if any power-users have come up with a way to make it blazingly quick. (I’ll admit, I’m still new to the program, so there’s probably a way that I just haven’t figured out yet)

Here’s an case in point:

Let’s suppose there is 30 seconds left on an Fantastic Four #6 Whatnot auction.

If I was on keyCollect I would elect the “issue” search field and type “Four 6” and it would pull up the results with the values of a low, mid and high grade and a small picture of the cover. (It would also pull any other comics that have ‘four’ and ‘6’ in the title like “Four Color Comics #6”…

On Connect.collectors.com (the web based CLZ)
If I type in “Four 6” in the series search field, nothing shows up.
If I type in “Four 6” in the “search comics field” on the right, it shows up all the fantastic Four series but I need to move the mouse across the screen, then click on each line to show which volume (in this case there was a FF Vol1 #6, FF Vol2 #6, FF Vol2 #6

Those extra clicks and mouse movement take valuable time during an auction.
See the image for more clarification…

I also don’t know if there’s a way using the mobile app… I haven’t really delved into it yet as I do most of my comic hunting on my desktop system.

Any suggestions?


November 30th we added two awesome fast ways to quickly find a comic inside your own collection to the CLZ Comics mobile app.

Well, we are actually bringing this smart issue search to Comic Connect as well. It is already live for our CLZ Comics app. Here’s an excerpt from the what’s new:
(So you can see what you can expect when we bring this to Comic Connect)

Two new tools for quickly finding a specific issue

Something any user with a large collection has probably run into: how to quickly get to a specific comic in your collection. The search box top right of course helps to find a series, but then it comes down to scrolling to find the issue you are looking for.

Thinking about this, we came up with two possible solutions. And then we figured… why not implement BOTH?

Search box now allows Issue Search, e.g. “amazing 361”

The search box top right now lets you add an issue number, e.g. search for “amazing 361” or “batman 12” and it will show you all matching issues. Also, if there’s also one result, it will instantly show you the details page for that comic!

Jump to Issue button

The second new tool we added is a quick way to jump / scroll to an issue number when already in the correct series. Just tap the new Jump to Issue button (aka, the “sniper” button”) above the list, enter a number and tap “Jump!”.

Note: the sniper button is only available within a Series folder and when sorted by Series / Issue Number!

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That’s awesome AJ-

Thanks. It’s exactly what I need!

Now, here’s the big question: Not that I’m trying to pin you down to an exact time, but any idea when this feature will make into the desktop version?

(I only ask so I can mock you un-endingly if it’s late)



Hah, well we’re working on the Value Lookup screen for Connect first. I expect that to go live today or tomorrow (finalizing some work on that).

The issue finder will likely be the next thing we’re working on, but say… 1-2 weeks at the most!

The Value Lookup by the way also has that “amazing 300” search, where you would instantly find that issue, and find out the value of it (regardless of if you have it or not). It might help you a little bit. We’ll post here in the Club when it’s live!

@DB Last week we introduced the “Check Value” screen to Comic Connect. You can quickly find an issue there, and it will show you the value and if you already own it (it will be a blue color indication).

Have you tried it? What do you think?
I think it would actually cover what you’re looking for!

(the find comic in your own collection by typing series title + issue is still coming up)