When adding a book, the search field re-sets

When I go to add all my monthly subscription or anything in general, I normally go to the series in my collection. Then when I go to add the series automatically appears below the search bar. (awesome feature by the way).

When I add the book it automatically resets the search for the series that I started with. So then I have to retype and find the series again. Just a double check to make sure the book I added goes into the correct series and I did everything correctly.

Guess my ask here is a feature that doesn’t reset what I originally searched for.
Have the same issue if I mark a series completed. It auto re-sets the original search.

If you first search your own collection with the search top right, and pick a series, it will indeed filter down on that series.

When you then click “Add Comics”, it will search that series as well, so you can quickly add a new comic of it.

When closing the Add Comics screen, it will reset the search. That is a bit annoying I agree.

However: if you use View > Folders > Series, and have the folder panel on the left, and do the same, it will keep that series you’ve search selected there, which should give you the end result you’re looking for (checking if it added it correctly). Can you try that way?