When I scan my barcode, the comic series comes up but then I have to manually select the issue number

When I scan my barcode, it just takes me to the series, and then I have to use the dropdown menu to select the issue that I want. Is there anyway to setup the cores or any other settings so that when I scan a barcode, it gives me the specific issue number as well? I have not seen anyone else with this issue and am wondering what I am doing wrong. Thank you

That sounds like only part of the barcode was scanned. Comic barcodes (usually) are 2 parts.

Are you scanning with the CLZ Scanner app? If so, look for the “EXT” toggle and tap on it so you can force the app to scan the 2nd part (which will pick the issue for you).

@KCSH13 I just learned that you already requested a refund.
I am a bit sad about that.

I mean, of course a barcode scan should give you the exact issue that you scanned, that is the whole point. And it really does that.

Why don’t you let us help you with this?